Beautiful Hair Accessories

beautiful hair accessories

I am a military wife and mother who just moved back to Las Vegas after being stationed in Italy and New Mexico. I started selling Lilla Rose one day after my first day wearing the Flexi Clip. I realized how wonderful and easy these hair clips are and I was hooked! I have been selling Lilla Rose for almost 4 years now.

The best thing about Lilla Rose is that there are no monthly quotas like most direct sales companies. Most ladies just become stylist because they can buy as many hair accessories as they want for a discount. I've never come across any other clips quite like these.

The proof is when you put one in your hair and you forget it's in there until the end of the day because it's kept your hair styled and it's comfortable.

FOTM & December Special

Lilla Rose releases a Flexi of the Month each month while supplies last. These flexi's are unique to the month and once they sell out, they are gone. The December Flexi is Pearl Tree. Winter tree branch with pearl-like snow.

Customers who place an order of at least $50 online will receive two free bobby pins of your choice, or 3 free bobby pins when you spend $60 between December 1st and December 31st. Maximum reward per order is 3 free bobbies. Free bobby selection is presented during final checkout for qualifying orders while supplies last.

Patented Unique Flexi Clip

unique Flexi Clip There is always a lot of interest in how our patented and unique Flexi Clip is made. We use .026 music wire. We cut the wire to length and loop one end. We then assemble a pre-designed pattern of beads. After we finish leading the beads and the pin, we insert the straight end of the wire into the looped end, cut the wire and loop the other end which creates an incredibly strong connection. One of the neat features of our Patented Flexi Clip is the pin. We cast the pin with a set of three notches. The reason we do that is to prevent the pin from sliding out once it is securely in the hair.

Everyday to Glamour

One of the best things about Lilla Rose is that you can wear our products for everyday use and also for special occasions like prom, formal or a wedding.

The versatility of our products allow you to be the mom-on-the-go with three kids or the beautiful blushing bride.

Are you tired of using 20 bobby pins to keep your hair in a french twist or bun? With our U-pins, you can use 1 or 2 pins and you will be set all day!

Lilla Rose

Beautiful Hair Accessories, Flexi Clips, Headbands, Bobby Pins, U-Pins, Hair Sticks and Badge Holders Annie Kapitan - Las Vegas

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Beautiful Hair Accessories

Flexi Clips, Headbands, Bobby Pins, U-Pins, Hair Sticks and Badge Holders New Releases - Aside from a new product each and every month, Lilla Rose also adds many new designs during the year. These many flexi's, bobbies, headbands, hair sticks and U-pins are updated on our website daily.

We have even added a feature of left-handed flexi's since our flexi's are usually right-handed. And Lilla Rose also makes badge holders to match and accompany your favorite flexi designs!

We also now carry leather 8's. Genuine leather and natural wood combine to make a timeless statement for your hair.

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